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Shenzhen Haoweig Electronics Co., Ltd.Scompany that has been passionate about LCDs since our incorporation in 2001.



Haoweig aims to meet your ever-changing demands. It has invested heavily in research and development, manufacturing facilities and engineering expertise to provide you with leading-edge display components and design and testing capabilities. Our sales and marketing staff is currently comprising of experienced and knowledgeable persons having engineering background in their fields, and they're working in a very close relationship with R&D and purchasing divisions of most of the manufacturers. 



We design, sell, and support a wide range of LCDs including standard and custom-built displays.

Haoweig's commitment is to able to meet all the enquiries and requirements coming from the customers in due course. Haoweig is dedicated to LCD Displays and Customized solutions, we looks forward to being your trusted and reliable partner.