An Introduction To Custom Segment Displays

Seven Segments

What is a ‘seven’ (7) segment?


There are four numbers in the above LCD (0 8 4 7) all are seven segments. In other words the ‘0’ has seven segments, the ‘8’ has seven segments and so on. Each number has seven independent segments. Each segment can be turned on and off independently to create other numbers and some letters such as E, F C and others. This is an example of a ‘seven’ segment. But there are some letters that a seven segment cannot display such as the letter ‘M’ or ‘V’. In this case a fourteen segment configuration can be used. 

    Fourteen Segments

A fourteen segment is able to display any number and even more letters than the seven segment. 


An icon is a small symbol or set of words that is only one segment. In other words, when the segment is ‘on,’ the full word or symbol turns on. When it is “off,” the word or symbol turns off. In the photo above: the clocksymbol is one segment, the word ‘JUL’ is one segment, the letters FOCUSLCDS.COM are one segment and the letters ‘PM’ are one segment.


This type of custom display can contain any icon required by the customer. Common icons include:


      • Battery symbol
      • Antenna symbol
      • Plus and Minus signs (+ / – )
      • Bar Graphs

The advantage of icons is that they convey a message that can be understood in any language. An example of this is the battery symbol, this icon is understood anywhere in the world.

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