Introducing VATN Technology

When your customer (end-user) is comparing your product vs. your competitors, the first they look at is the cost, the second is the appearance of the LCD. After all, the display you choose sets the perceived value of your product. Both low-cost and a high-quality looking display can be achieved with VATN technology.

FocusLCDs introduces its newest display technology: VATN to replace older, more expensive and power consuming technologies.

VATN (Ultra-Wide-Viewing-Display) technology offers several advantages over older display technologies such as:

  • OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diodes)
    • Prone to obsolesce (Tends towards End of Life)
  • VFD (Vacuum Florescent Display)
    • Expensive and power hungry
  • LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes)
    • Lacks flexibility for customization

VATN is a great fit for everything from medical, industrial, aviation, test & measurement and any other application where low cost, bright segments and an ultra-wide viewing direction is key. As its name suggests, VATN provides a wider viewing angle (cone) than many older technologies with a true black background. The resulting display is easier to read by your end-user. This newly developed fluid produces brighter segments and a sharper contrast, without the power drain required by older products. And, there is a low probability for the display to be obsoleted.

UWVD displays are negative mode, which means they present bright segments on a dark black background that can be read in the darkest nights and the brightest daylight.

Advantages Of VATN Include:

Bright and easy to read at a distance

Great for products requiring easy readability from a long distance. This is accomplished by producing characters and icons with a sharp contrast and wide viewing angle for easy recognition.

Very wide viewing angle

 This display technology allows the user (your customer) to read this whether they are standing to the far-right, far-left, above or below when reading the LCD. This can be critical in medical and industrial applications.

Ultra-high contrast

They provide one of the highest contrast ratios (150:1) available for LCD modules. The edges of the characters and Icons are sharp, with no ‘fuzz’ between the brightly colored segment and the dark black background.

Adjustable brightness:

LED (DC driven) backlights allow the end-user to adjust brightness.

Lower Cost:

Lower unit cost and lower tooling cost for custom LCD designs, makes these attractive for new, cost-sensitive product designs

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