Customized segment code LCD LCD display ‍ Need to pay attention

1. Earthquake anti -static capacity
Many industrial and automatic display screens on the vehicle instrument are stricter for their reliability (or trust). And our LCD screen corresponding to these tests must be added. At present, the anti-static test (EMC test) corresponding to the LCD segment code screen of many outstanding manufacturers (EMC test) is relatively high-energy anti-8000V pulse (commonly used household appliances are 3000- About 4000V). The seismic resistance is generally about 2 G (gravity acceleration) of our LCD segment code (usually the entire product is performed as a whole for seismic testing, and the screen of the PIN foot connection is tested 3 G). We can take this as a reference.
2. Size issues
The size of the window size is 50*50, so the size of the LCD screen surface is 53*53, why 53 is 53 because the window size is the size of the LCD screen, and the four sides of the visible area need to be added as 1.5mm as a non -visible area. This is not available. The effect of the area is like a bucket water. In the area, the liquid crystal non -visible area is like the thickness of the bucket to prevent the liquid crystal from leaking. After the shell is put on up, the PCB under the product surface cannot see the PCB under the product surface without affecting the size of the aesthetic LCD screen surface is 53*53. Then the glass size is 55*53 or 57*53; The size of the liquid crystal screen is 2mm. If it is a unilateral 55*53, if it is the two sides 57*53. You can design the product structure in this way to determine how big the window size is.
In addition, let's talk about the display mode of the LCD screen. At present, the relatively low -end black and white screens have almost disappeared. Various backlight screens include color display screens. Many people think that the scientific and technological content of the color screen is good. In fact, we must choose the screen that is more suitable for the device according to factors such as the use environmental equipment types of equipment.

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